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Amritlal Vegad’s Art Gallery

"Sri Amritlal Vegad's is a well known name among Narmada devotees. He has practically dedicated his life to Narmada Parikrama. A veteran from Shanti Niketan, Sri Vegad has a unique blend of literature and art in his creativity. "

His famous travelogue titled ‘Soundarya Ki Nadi Narmada’ (Narmada-The River of Beauty) has fetched him several awards and recognition for its literary excellence. He was also awarded the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award. This book, originally written in Hindi, has been translated into 4 other languages including English, Gujrati, Marathi and Bengali. The second part of his Narmada travelogue titled ‘Amritasya Narmada’ (Amrit's Narmada) and the conluding third part titled ‘Teere Teere Narmada’ equally enchanting and mesmerizing.

Sri Vegad's artistic caliber is also par excellence. The subject of his art is mainly 'Life on the river Narmada'. His unique collection of paper collages and sketches on Narmada is a real treasure for art collectors. Most of them are based on his sketches done during the Narmada Parikrama. Here we present low resolution images some of his work artistically depicting various shades and glimpses of life on the river Narmada.

The Art Gallery

Life on the River Narmada

Life on the River Narmada is based on sketches done by Sri Amritlal Vegad during his Narmada Parikrama

These Collages and sketches are sole property of Sri Amritlal Vegad and should not be used in any form, for any purpose, without his consent. Any unauthorized use may attract legal action for which we shall in no way be responsible. Beautifully framed digital prints of these unique artworks of Sri Vegad are available at very reasonable prices.