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Photo Gallary

"Narmada is described as the most sacred river in scriptures. It is stated in Matsya Purana that merely darshan (i.e. a look with reverence) of Narmada washes all the sins. A hymn reads as follows:"

Tribhi Saraswatam toyam, saptahen tu Yamunam; Sadyah punaati Gangeyam, Darshanadev Narmadam. - 75-11, Matsya Purana

(The waters of Saraswati can wash the sins in three days, that of Yamuna in seven days, Ganga immediately after bath, but merely darshan of Narmada is sufficient to wash off all the sins.)

The official gazetteers of many districts in Narmada belt mention a popular belief that even Ganga visits Narmada annually, in the incarnation of a black cow, to have a holy dip in Narmada and wash herself clean.

Glimpses of Maa Narmada included in this segment offer Darshan of a great river and its surroundings in full glory. These pictures taken over several years have been picked up from a rich collection of thousands of such pictures available with us.

Narmada Darshan -

Picture Gallery containing glimpses of Narmada basin.