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Jungle Rahe, taki Narmada Bahe!

Book Description :

‘JungleRahe, taki Narmada Bahe!’ 

Our mostsought after publication, It is practically an encyclopedia of culturalforest-hydrology of Narmada basin. Dealing with forests, soil, waterinterdependence the book analyses the trends of ecological security in Narmadabasin. The novel idea of 'Jungle Balance Sheets' furnishes district wisedetails of pressure on natural resources, especially forests.

This book hasbeen conferred upon the Government of India's prestigious Medini Award for2007.

A must readfor anybody interested in science  behindforest-river connection in case of Non glacial rivers like Narmada. (1stEdition out of stock. 2nd revised edition coming soon,)

The authorof the book is Dr. PankajSrivastava, IFS,M. P. cadre.

Paperbackedition. ISBN-978-81-905870-1-3 Yearof Publication: 2007, 1312 copies. No. of Pages 158+76, with 40 additionalcoloured plates on glossy paper

Nadi Kitne ki Hai?

Book Description :

‘NadiKitne ki Hai?’

It is asmall but highly thought provoking booklet dealing with various aspects ofRiver Economics. Economic valuation of products and services offered by riversis the central theme of the booklet. The booklet, dealing in brief about theprevalent valuation procedures and techniques, emphasizes that a river belongsto many stakeholders and therefore the question should be rephrased to- NadiKitno ki Hai?

The authorof the book is Government of India's prestigious Medini Award winner Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, IFS, M. P. cadre. Interesting illustrationsby Gang Vishal Verma make it morereader friendly.

Paperback edition. ISBN-978-81-905870-6-8 Year of Publication: 2010, 1000copies. No. of Pages 38+10.

Narmada Aap se Kahati Hai

Book Description :

‘NarmadaAap se Kahati Hai’

Written inthe form of individually addressed emotional appeals to different stakeholdergroups of civil society on behalf of the river deity Ma Narmada, this smallbooklet is one of our most popular publications. Theformat of the book is unique as it considers Narmada a living entity, a realmother talking directly to her children. It describes in an indirect manner,how each person in society can play a significant role in conservation ofNarmada and her environment.

The book hasthoroughly been used for distribution as private and corporate gift, astraining material for villagers, NGOs, field staff of government agencies andmedia persons. The first edition of the book (2000 copies) ran out of stockwithin a period of 3 months due to very high demand.

The book hasbeen written on behalf of the river deity MaNarmada.

Paperbackedition. ISBN-978-81-905870-4-4 Yearof Publication: 1st Edition 2008, 2nd (Revised)Edition 2009, 1000 copies. No.of Pages 52+12

Narmada ki Kahani

Book Description :

‘Narmadaki Kahani’

It is simplya book on history of river Narmada and dynasties that ruled here in past. It isa unique compilation of invaluable historical facts about natural and politicalhistory of Narmada in a simple language and smooth flowing style. It tracesback the history of Narmada Valley to the early dates of millions of years ingeological time scale, traverses to ancient and medieval periods and reachesthe modern era. The unique storytelling capability of the author makes it aninteresting and useful book for anybody interested in facts about themysterious past from mythological times to modern era.

The authorof the book is Late Dr. Dharmendra Prasad who devoted his entire life to archaeologicaland historical studies on Narmada. Foreword of the book has been written by Prof. Krishna Dutt Vajpeyi.

Paperbackedition. ISBN-978-81-905870-3-7 Yearof Publication: 1st Edition 1990, 2nd (Revised)Edition 2008, 2000 copies. No.of Pages 136+20

Nirmal Narmada ki Pahchan: Mahseer

Book Description :

'Nirmal Narmada ki Pahchan: Mahseer' 

The 12th publication (2017)  in our Narmada Conservation series, this book deals with various aspects of the State Fish of Madhya Pradesh, the Narmada Mahseer (Tor tor). First ever attempt to publish in Hindi, various scientific and socio-economic details of the mighty mahseer which is also called ‘Tiger of Freshwater’. An action oriented book for field functionaries of fisheries,forests and other departments dealing with different facets of river conservation. Mahseer, a fish of unpolluted, free flowing rivers is an icon of purity of our rivers. The book suggests practical measures which can restore declining population of Mahseer in Narmada. It is a must read for researchers and development agencies interested in river ecology and community development.The book is currently being used in training of field staff of fisheries and forest department.

The book has been written by Dr. Shriparna Saxena,  a professional Limnologist and Mahseer expert of Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

Paperback edition. ISBN-978-93-83128-01-3 Year of Publication: 2017, 2000 copies. No. of Pages 23+25.

Paani ke Liye Van Prabandh

Book Description :

‘Paani ke Liye Van Prabandh’ 

The 6th bookin our Narmada conservation series not only explains concepts of forest-waterconnection in scientific terminology, it is a practical guide for fieldfunctionaries engaged in watershed forest management. tracing back the roots offorest hydrology in India to 6th century, the book makes a maiden endeavor tolink the ancient work of Varahamihira with thah of modern science. Practicaltips for field functionaries make this book one of the most sought afterpublication of ours.

The book iswritten by Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, IFS, M. P. cadre.

Paperback edition.ISBN-978-81-905870-5-1 Year ofPublication: 2009, 2000 copies. No. of Pages 126+32.

Paryawaran ki Chunotiyan aur Media

Book Description :

‘Paryawaranki Chunotiyan aur Media’

This wellresearched document is a dissertation for Post Graduate Diploma in Journalismand Mass Communication (PGDJMC) converted into a book on EnvironmentalJournalism. Packed with highly relevant data and analysis, the book probes intoreasons of relatively poor status of environmental journalism and suggestsmeasures for improvement. A must read for media persons, especially thoseworking in the field of environmental journalism.

The authorof the book is Government of India's prestigious Medini Award winner Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, IFS, M. P. cadre. The foreword has beenwritten by noted environmental journalist Sri. Kranti Chaturvedi.

Paperbackedition with jacket. ISBN-978-81-905870-2-0 Yearof Publication: 2008, 2000 copies. No. of Pages 76+20.

Prakriti ke Rahasya Kholte Narmada Ghati ke Jeevashm

Book Description :

‘Prakriti keRahasya Kholte Narmada Ghati ke Jeevashm’

It is amammoth work on fossil wealth of Narmada valley, completed by more than 30subject experts, mainly scientists, over a period of 4 years. The book is ongeological mysteries and rich fossil wealth of Narmada valley. A total of 41Articles by 30 different authors make it a versatile, holistic and usefulcompilation for workers more comfortable in Hindi language.

The editor-authorof the book has been felicitated by Palaeontological Society of India, LucknowUniversity, for pioneering contribution towards study and protection of fossilsin Narmada Valley.

The book hascollectively been edited by Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, IFS, M. P. cadre and Mr. Gang Vishal Verma an amateurfossil lover and field expert. Foreword to the book has been written by by internationally famous paleontologist Prof. Ashok Sahni

Paperbackedition with jacket. ISBN-978-81-905870-9-9 Year of Publication: 2011, 1500copies. No. of Pages 313+39, with 26 additional colored plates and 16 black andwhite plates on glossy paper.

Puchtin Hain Machliyon se Machliyan

Book Description :

‘Puchtin HainMachliyon se Machliyan’ 

It is arelatively offbeat publication for Narmada Conservation Initiative as it is acompilation of 101 excellent Hindi ghazals by a poet of extraordinary literarycaliber. The flavor of these ghazals matches the work of renowned Hindi poetLate Sri Dushyant Kumar. Contemporary issues of society including those relatedto environment are covered in many ghazals in the collection.

The authorof the book is extraordinary Hindi poet Sri Surendra Shashtri.

ISBN-978-81-905870-7-5 Year of Publication: 1st Edition 2010,1000 copies. No. of Pages 101+27

Satpura ke Darey Jungle

Book Description :

'Satpura ke Darey Jungle' 

It isthe very first booklet published by us. It is a long poem on ecologicalhealth of Satpura mountain ranges which is so crucial for the ecologicalsecurity of the Central Indian landscape. Inspired by a very famous poem'Satpura ke Ghane Jungle' by LateSri Bhawani Prasad Mishra, the noted national figure of Hindi literature,this poem narrates the current plight and threats to forests in Satpuramountains lying south to Narmada. The foreword of the booklet has been writtenby noted educationist and a proponent of Gram Swaraj policies, Sri Shyam Bohare. The poemwarns us about the possible negative consequences of losing biodiversity ofSatpuras and gives a clarion call to protect these mountains and foreststherein. The booklet also gives a brief text account of ecological significanceand history of Satpura ranges.

This book published by us is being widely circulated as extra curricular andinformal training material, and is a must read for field workers, researchersand trainers working in the field of community involvement in joint forestmanagement (JFM), ecotourism, biodiversity conservation, watershed managementand river conservation. 

The poetic booklet has been composed by Dr. Pankaj Srivastava,IFS, M. P. cadre.

ISBN-978-81-905870-0-6 Yearof Publication: 1st Edition 2006, 2nd Edition 2009. 5000 copies. No. of Pages24+8